Visit South Jetty and meet our new Dolphin.

There was an 8 foot tall stump from an Australian Pine tree in Humphris Park as you enter the South Jetty. Venice Parks & Recreation Advisory board member Charles Alfano had an a ha moment when he looked at it.  He came up with the idea of turning the stump into a wooden sculpture of a dolphin. Winning the support of the City of Venice's Parks and Rec Advisory Board, as well as the Public Art Advisory Board, he moved forward. He won over Steve Harner of the Crow's Nest Restaurant to provide funding for the project. Tony Minio, a professional wood carver , living in Nokomis was hired for the project. He set up a tent over the stump and proceeded to work. Between the rains and the constant stream of visitors, the work proceeded slower than anticipated. The wood was also harder to work with than expected. The dolphin is now done and stands proudly to welcome folks to the Humphris Park at  South Jetty in Venice. Thank you Charles for your patience and perseverence.  More public art for Venice. You've got to love it.

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