Venice Newcomers Club, Ladies Lunch Out

One of the things you learn about Venice, is that we have a steady influx of newcomers to town. I'm not talking about snowbirds, but new residents. I don't know who had the clever idea to form a Newcomers Club, but I think it was a really good idea. I've had the privilege of speaking to them on behalf of some of the local community groups. It was a real pleasure to be speaking with people who had chosen to move here and had a real interest in learning about the community they had joined. Adult singles and couples that are new full-time residents of Venice, Nokomis and Laurel. The translation reads that this must be your primary residence that you reside in for 9 months minimum. Newcomers must join within their first 3 years of full time residency.  The club holds several welcome receptions a year hosted by their Board of Directors. They hold a monthly beach breakfast once a month. Catered picnics are held May through October, at a local beach. This popular social hour is usually held to permit sunset viewing on our Gulf Beaches. For the more serious, there is a monthly book discussion group on books of current interest. A variety of card and fun games are held. Game nights include Dominoes, Bridge, Bunco, Euchre, Hand & Foot, Mah-jongg, Mexican Train, Pinochle, Pitch and Poker. I was impressed by the numbers of games offered, but what about Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. Those are two of my favorites. The group plans day trips to places of interest such as Tampa Bay Downs, Marie Selby Gardens, Edison & Ford Winter Estates and the Ringling Museum of Art, etc etc. They also form dining clubs to meet at each others homes. More importantly they visit new of favorite restaurants in the area. They hold a weekly golf event at the various golf courses. They wind up the day by dining out locally. The Ladies of the group  schedule activities like shopping trips, crafting and other pleasurable occupations. The Newcomers also hold an informal luncheon every month just for socialization purposes. Sunday mixer nights are held at various members homes. Another sub-group are the Night Owls. They enjoy the dances, concerts, theatre and comedy clubs.  For the more physically active there are outdoor jaunts to the parks and historical sites. They travel by bike, foot, canoe, kayak, snorkel or group transport. They have a group for men only called R.O.M.E.O, don't get excited ladies. It stands for Retired Outstanding Men Eating Out. They meet once a month at local restaurants for good food and good conversation.  They have a separate slate of activities for the VNS, Venice Newcomers Singles. They enjoy dinners, happy hours, house parties, movie nights, game nights and water activities. It sounds like you'll need a lot of stamina to keep up with these newcomers, but we welcome their efforts to join in with the community. Wecome to Venice, you have made the best choice of your life. Welcome.

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