Photo of the Week: Large Sunset

Bobbilynn Hollifield

It’s common knowledge that one of Florida’s best features is the nightly sunset.  It’s difficult to overlook the uniqueness of each one, but every so often a particularly exceptional sunset will bowl over even the most longtime residents. This particular evening, the sun appeared comically, beautifully large. Photo courtesy of Al, via Flickr

Venice Farmer's Market

Things to Do: Venice Farmers Market

The Venice Farmers Market is a morning experience. There is entertainment, arts and crafts, classes, fresh produce, coffee and bakery items for sale, as well as plants and experts to help you find the right spot for them. It takes place Saturdays, 8 a.m.–noon in the 200 block of West Tampa Avenue.


Photo of the Week: Nokomis Beach sunset

Bobbilynn Hollifield

  Nokomis Beach is Sarasota County’s oldest beach, and is popular among families for picnicking and fishing. It is also home to several species of wildlife, including the gopher tortoise. Other features include a playground, boardwalk, boat ramps and stunning sunset views. Photo courtesy of Matt Kremkau via Flickr


Review: Venice Theatre’s “Don’t Dress for Dinner”

Lord, what fools these mortals be…especially when it comes to sex. That’s what I came away thinking after last night’s opening performance of Don’t Dress for Dinner at Venice Theatre. It’s one of those farces about would-be philanderers who get caught up in such exhausting complications from trying to cover their tracks, it makes you wonder […]


Photo of the Week: South Jetty

Bobbilynn Hollifield

  South Jetty in Venice is part of Higel Marine Park, a family favorite that provides opportunities for picnics, fishing and amazing sunset views. Watch carefully and you may spot a family of dolphins or manatees! Photo courtesy of Danny in Florida via Flickr

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